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devices & tools :

Devices & Tools


CH309-BN2208 binoculars.jpg

CH309-BN2210 binoculars.jpg

CH310-Ranger 8x22 black binoculars.jpg

CH310-Wildness 10x26 blue binoculars.jpg

CH500-NP0001B pedometer.jpg

CH500-NP0002 pedometer.jpg

CH500-NP0005 pedometer.JPG

CH501-DT1844 peometer.JPG

J24-CR737 pedometer.jpg

TW241-ED235 USB pen.jpg

J24-CR738 pedometer.jpg

CH522-tools 1.JPG

CH522-tools 2.JPG

CH522-tools 3.JPG

CH522-tools 4.JPG

CH522-tools 5.JPG

CH522-tools 6.JPG

CH522-tools 7.JPG

CH522-tools 8.JPG

CH522-tools 9.JPG

whistles 3.jpg

CH944series toolsets 1.JPG

CH944series toolsets 2.JPG

CH836-GJD1 7-in-1 kit.JPG

CH54GL01 Golf tools.jpg


CH1128-SUM039 Spy camera pen.JPG

CH1266-USB flash with keyring.JPG

CH1062 USB flash drive.jpg

CH1062-UM06 USB drive.jpg

CH1062-UM21 USB drive.jpg

CH1128-SU019 USB drive.jpg

CH1128-SU033 USB drive.jpg

CH1128-SU035 USB drive.jpg

CH1128-SU077 USB drive.jpg

A147-SPC212 Genuine leather iphone holder with power bank.jpg

A147-SPC214 PU leatherette i-phone 6 case + power bank.jpg

CH1615-AWC807 ABS plastic cased coffee shop charging station.jpg

CH1932series Power banks.JPG

CH1958-P1 ABS plastic cased Tin can shaped power bank.jpg

CH2077 car shaped power bank.jpg

CH2077-PW108T slim card power bank.jpg

P35MR-722 Mosquito Repeller.jpg

P35PA-421- Ultrasonic Pest Repeller.jpg

P35SMR-321 Solar mosquito Repeller.jpg

CH2103-P036B Plastic soccer ball power bank.jpg

CH2173-PB034 PVC rubber 3D bottle shape Power bank.jpg

CH2177 series PVC cased oil tank shape power bank.JPG

CH2177-GS.PB001 power banks (2).JPG

CH2185-ZHW028 Plastic cased power bank with lighter.jpg

CH2202-TPB02P Aluminium alloy cased power bank.jpg

C189-UCC001 name card case shape USB flash.JPG

CH891series name card shape USB flash 1.JPG

CH891series name card shape USB flash 4.JPG

CH987HK8102 pvc USB flash drive wristband.jpg

CH1301MB2900 USB flash drive.JPG

G8201-1131 Eyeglass repairing kit.jpg


CH1983-BL173 zinc alloy+crystal USB flash drive.jpg

CH1983-BL192 Crystal + bamboo cased USB flash drive.JPG

CH2165-MU029 Plastic + aluminium USB drive.jpg

CH2165-MU300 Plastic cased Rubik cube USB drive.JPG

CH2549-LS1628 power bank pen.jpg

CH2202-TPB10P2 Plastic + aluminium cased Power bank.JPG

CH2228-FAC404A - 4 usb charging station.jpg

CH2234-DIG12363 power bank.JPG

CH2348-WW760 abs casing 7 ports charging station (2).jpg

CH2519-PB050 Plastic + silicon cased solar power in EVA pouch.JPG

CH2519-PB128 Aluminium alloy cased bluetooth speaker + power bank (2-in-1).JPG

CH2578-YTK155 Plastic cased power bank with acrylic menu holder + LED illuminate light.JPG

CH2713series Soft PVC custom shape power bank.JPG

CH2605-SPB055 20000mah power bank.JPG

CH2790-UT20 Qi wireless charging mouse pad.jpg

CH2808-V531 power bank (anti-splash).jpg

CH2900-V3 Plastic cased Power bank + bluetooth speaker & selfie stick.jpg

CH2902 (10000mAh)metal case power banks.jpg

CH2902-D1019 Aluminium alloy cased slim 10000mAh power bank.jpg

CH2919-10U24F-AE Plastic cased multi USB charger.jpg

CH2920-H68A Aluminium alloy cased 6800mAh Power bank with cigarette lighter.jpg

CH2936-X630 Plastic cased power bank 10000mAh with LED digital screen panel.jpg

CH3265-G81 20000mAh power bank.jpg

CH3219-G500 solar power inverter.jpg

CH3219-G1000 solar panel inverter.jpg

CH3219 solar panels.jpg

CH3219-G500 solar power system.jpg

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