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Outdoor products :

CH1274-cooler 10.JPG


Garden Shade, Director Chairs & Hanging seat.jpg

CH2052001 & 2056003 Table & chairs set.jpg

CH2052002 Arm chair.jpg

CH2052008C Arm chair.jpg

CH2052013 Arm chair.jpg

CH2052014M Arm Chair.jpg

CH2052022A Chair.jpg

CH2052028 Arm Chair.jpg

CH2052030M Chair.jpg

CH2052032E Folding arm chair.jpg

CH97-5702 alum.table.jpg

TW1180140A Wing Cooler.jpg

TW1180140B Wing Cooler.jpg

CH036367 & CH036368- sling chairs.JPG

CH473228 garden tool set.jpg

I30-AA00116, I30-AA00118, I30-AA00124 pack cone.jpg

CH06WB6204 wheel barrow.jpg

TW1180140 picnic wing cooler.jpg

polyester safety vest CH57NB03.jpg

Solar garden umbrella.JPG

Solar garden umbrella (inside).JPG

Solar garden umbrella (solar).JPG

Solar garden umbrella (top).JPG

Beach umbrella CH307FNA211.jpg

Beach umbrella CH307FNB509.jpg

Beach umbrella CH307FNB523.jpg

Garden umbrella CH307FNG303.jpg

Garden umbrella CH307FNG305.jpg

Patio umbrella CH307FNA203.jpg

Patio umbrella CH307FNA206.jpg

Patio umbrella CH307FNA209.JPG

Patio umbrella CH307FNA210.jpg

Patio umbrella CH307FNB522.jpg

Patio umbrella CH307FNG302.jpg

Patio umbrella CH307FNG306.jpg

Patio umbrella CH307FNG308.jpg


I30-AA001A1 Add-ON flashing light bar for A-cone.jpg

CH461-YTA2400A cooler-box.jpg

CH508-1003 cooler-box.jpg

CH493 pvc beach umbrella -.JPG

CH493 pvc beach umbrella.JPG


7UP beach umbrella.jpg

CH1216-2A Steel table.jpg

CH1274series table coolers.JPG

S201 aluminium framed patio umbrella.jpg

CH1208.CA5515 willow basket picnic set.JPG

CH1274-COOLER 5 moveable cooler.JPG

CH1844-NR9178 cooler box.JPG

CH768QD112 garden umbrella with solar LED lights.jpg

CH1928-JX.FT003 LED bar-table.jpg

CH1928-JX.FT004 LED bar-table.jpg

CH1928-JX.FT005 LED bar-table.jpg

CH1928 LED serving table & stool.JPG

CH1996 Booth tent.jpg

CH2189 LED PE furniture.jpg

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