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Bar wares :

CH297-P1010116 shaker.jpg

CH343 shaker.jpg

CH537W070 corkscrew lever set.JPG

yield chance new.jpg

bar organizer.jpg

ch156 eco paper straws-1.JPG

ch156 eco paper straws-2.JPG

CH538E004-wine stopper.JPG

N27 series - shakers.JPG

CH898 napkin dispensers 1.jpg

CH898 napkin dispensers 2.jpg

CH796series drip bar mat.JPG

CH797-3022 bar runner mat .jpg

J30 Coke tray.jpg

J3036055 tin-tray (36mm.dia..jpg

LED ice-cubes.jpg

CH797series drip-mats.JPG

ch156 eco paper straws-3.JPG

Serving tray.JPG

S176-3770 beer jar.JPG

S176-SX1075 beer jar.JPG

S176-3681 plastic pp ice-buckets.jpg

CH291.208T-corkscrew set.JPG

CH1147-HFI008 PP plastic cased ice bucket.JPG

CH341-PL8124 ice bucket.JPG

CH1349-LDB813 LED ice bucket.JPG

CH1121-T1448 acrylic see through cube shape ice bucket with lid.jpg

CH151-2K008 ice-bucket.jpg

CH344-NS320 icebucket.jpg

CH755145.1 ss. ice-bucket.JPG

CH755145.2 ss. ice-buckets.JPG

D270160 Icebucket.jpg

D270160A Ice-bucket.jpg


N272102 ice-bucket.jpg

S163788 Ice-bucket.jpg

TH006-600 ice-bucket.jpg

W132017A ice-bucket.jpg

W132017B ice-bucket.jpg

W132029 cooling-bucket.jpg

W139-W834PP shaker.jpg

CH851-S4053 1 bottle holder.JPG

CH1455-610028 shaker.JPG

ch156 eco paper straws-4.JPG

ch156 eco paper straws-5.JPG

CH1380-Y7877 plastic pitcher.JPG

CH1675-WP2232 Plastic pitcher.JPG

CH1380-Y7908 plastic pitcher.JPG

CH764-017 Plastic bar use opener.jpg

CH898OPE001 bar-top lighted bottle opener.jpg

CH291 series - wooden tray with 4 color heat transfer printing.JPG

CH1218JCA811 plastic tray 345x265mm.(305x225mm.)..jpg

CH1218-JCA810 PP serving tray.JPG

CH1380-Y8320 PS serving tray.JPG


CH1486-GPF0002 & CH1486-GPF00021.JPG


CH1832- flashing tray.jpg

CH291- TR-KM01S2 set of wine stopper.jpg

CH1198 LED wine stoppers.JPG

CH1455-700088 wine stopper.jpg

CH1613 - wine bottle foil cutter.jpg

CH1613-4CL measure pourer.JPG

CH1613-LD01058 pourer.jpg

CH1649-SH.PT004 wine stopper.JPG

CH1682-OP01040002 wine set.JPG

CH1682-OP01040004 wine set.JPG

CH1886-683211 MDF wooden cased wine tool set.JPG

CH2008-WA300 stainless steel + silicon wine pourer.jpg

CH2033 wine cooling stick.jpg

CH396-05 hip-flask (front-bottom).jpg

CH396-05 hip-flask (top-open).jpg

CH2187-CBP1004 Stainless steel hip flask.JPG

CH2187-NH-FH1006 Stainless steel (304) hip flask.JPG

CH2181-HP901 PU leatherette cover + Stainless steel hip flask.JPG

CH2057-LYA1000 Aluminium soda siphon.jpg

CH2057-LYA1000 Aluminium cased soda siphon.jpg

A142-6221762D 3in1 wine cooler.JPG

CH914series bottle coolers.JPG

CH914-TY7026 bottle cooler.JPG

CH2369-10JHP004R BBQ+coolers trolley.JPG

W144-F17001 melamine tray.JPG

CH2561 - melamine football tray.JPG

W144-F15003 round melamine tray.jpg

W139W841 tray.jpg

CH1865-MW07CTGMSP cash tray.jpg

CH1804-SUP175 LED serving trays.jpg

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