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light boxes-signages :

A frame.jpg

abs signage.jpg

CH369-3 flashing front.jpg

CH369-18 revolving light box 2.JPG

CH369 oval light box.jpg

CH369A2 slim light box with light sensor - front.jpg

CH520 series.JPG

CH520 revolving lenticular light box.jpg

G72-3image changing AL-light box.gif

Guinness motion tiny bubbles.gif

Guinness pouring foam.gif

CH369-slim light box front.jpg

triangular rotating light box.jpg

solar-rechargeable light box.jpg

CH586 EL plate - Heineken.gif

CH632GA3-Bottle stand.jpg

Inflatable 3D bottles.JPG

Revolving POS stands.jpg

printed mirror BUDWEISER 1.jpg

CH520-6278 turning toothpaste display.JPG

CH1106-WDA302 acrylic display.gif

CH1106-WDA319 acrylic display.jpg

CH1106-WDA320 acrylic display.jpg

CH1106-WDA321 acrylic display.JPG

S702CIG1701 (CH783series) cigiarette dispenser.jpg


CH1216-2A Steel table.jpg

A121AF AD retractable PET banner.JPG

CH1201series revolving stands.JPG

CH1216P003 CocaCola acrylic display.JPG

CH1480-B63 bottle shape LED light stand2.JPG

CH1480-B30 Can shape LED light stand.JPG

CH1216M008 plastic+wooden Coke display stand.JPG

CH1216AD24 Rothmans 6pack LED display.JPG

CH835SSL20489 PVC buntings.JPG

CH1106.3299 light-up buntings.JPG

CH1132 pvc buntings.jpg

CH871-PE002 magnetic floating display.JPG

CH1201-321 3botle glorifier.JPG

CH1472-BF008B floating POP display.JPG

CH1472-M005B POP floating display.JPG

CH1472-M008B POP floating display.JPG

CH1472-SIM10-ML POP floating display.JPG

CH1472-SIM11-LG POP floating display.JPG

CH1472-U003 floating POP dislplay.JPG

CH2211-TM155 LED light cigarette display (1).jpg

CH2211-TM155 LED light cigarette display (2).jpg

CH1007-CF.108F flashing menu holder.JPG

CH1007-CF102 LED menu holder.JPG

CH2586.FG02 Plastic cased power bank with acrylic menu holder.jpg

S56-B13C Acrylic menu holder with plastic oval base.JPG

CH2578-YTK155 Plastic cased power bank with LED illuminated light acrylic menu holder.JPG

CH3091-WB2101A Iron frame wall mounted type LCD IPS digital signage.jpg

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