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Smoking items :

T103-12655 gas-bottle shape gas-lighter.JPG

T103-21501 goldbar windproof gas-lighter.JPG

T103-21429 torch gas-lighter.JPG

T103-22197 torch gas-lighter.JPG

T103-22197 torch gas-lighter..JPG

T103-22197 torch gas-lighter ...JPG

CH1015-004 ashtray (size 10x10x4.5H cm.).jpg

CH1136series cig.packs & ashtrays.JPG

W144CV07 melamine ashtray 3.jpg

W144-CV26 square ashtray.jpg

CH116 cig.pack cases.JPG

CH753 mesh-tin cagarette pack box.jpg

CH753 tin cigarette case.jpg

CH899-B1 ashtray pouch.jpg

CH373.055 crown cork ashtray (size 85-95Dx25H mm.).jpg

T103-23911 metal+plastic gas-lighter (normal flame).JPG

T103-24090 lighter (1).JPG

T103-24090 windproof flame.JPG

T103-24091 lighter.JPG

T103-24091 windproof flame.JPG

T120-10189 refillable lighter with torch.JPG

T120TF633 lighter.jpg

T120TF633 lighter (closed).jpg

CH748HG606 cigarette case & lighter (105x80x10mm.).jpg

CH1112 Cigarette stick cases.JPG

CH1112 Gas-lighter with cigarette stick case.JPG

CH2027-CT3P Cigarette accessories gift set.jpg

CH2417 series K9 crystal gas lighters.jpg

CH2444-HU0014 humidifier.JPG

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