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Audiovisual products :

CH988-01 Soft PVC 2D bottle earphones.JPG

CH988-635 Soft PVC top crown cap shape in-ear stereo earphone.JPG

CH988-1515 PVC housing + plastic stereo earphone.jpg

CH988-H055 Plastic cased + PU audio headphone.jpg

CH1114BTH008 bluetootch headphones.JPG

CH2025-H012 earphone with pouch.jpg

CH2257-BJ060 wooden + aluminium earphone.jpg

CH2257-BJ0335 Plastic cased audio headphone.jpg

CH2507.E-BH 034 wireless headphone.jpg

CH2257-JC0033 Plastic housing earphones (SEDEX).jpg

CH2507.E-EP049 Zipper Stereo Hands-free Headphone with Mic.jpg

CH2507.E-HP032 Waterproof MP3 Headphone.jpg

A130-NY01C JUKEBOX radio.JPG

A146-C01 paper box AM-FM radios.jpg


CH1362MR808 AM-FM radio.JPG

CH1523-KK926 AM+FM plastic casing radio.jpg

CH1794-NS075U 4band radio with USB & SD slot.JPG

CH1807-MPS539 abs plastic bottle cap speaker.JPG

CH1905-AF.64 vibration speaker.jpg

CH2137-ESE831 Wireless Bluetooth speaker.jpg

CH2137-ESE815 Wireless bluetooth speaker.jpg

CH2177-GS.BT002 bluetooth speaker.jpg

CH2177-GS.BT002.1T2 bluetooth speaker.jpg

CH2177-GS.BT004 bluetooth speaker.jpg

CH1114BH1000C bluetooth headphones.JPG

CH2177-GS.BT006 bluetooth speaker.jpg

CH2212-iStage mini(for smartphone)..jpg

CH2212-iStage(for tablet PC).jpg

CH2227-MK01 multi function portable bluetooth speaker.JPG

CH2283-COG006P-magnetic floating BT speaker.jpg

CH2304-XLN701 dynamo multifuctional player.JPG

CH2319BS55 Levitation BT speaker.JPG

CH2320LM LED BT speakers.JPG

CH2394-D312 abs casing bluetooth speaker.jpg

CH2394-D470 abs casing bluetooth speaker.jpg

CH2394-D560 aluminum casing bluetooth speaker.jpg

CH2397-N058 abs casing bluetooth speaker.JPG

CH2398-WS712 aluminium casing bluetooth speaker with DSP.jpg

CH2486 - MN1 Bluetooth speaker.jpg

CH2511-D8 Rubber sprayed abs bluetooth waterproof speaker.jpg

K173-CT2289 water transfer printing.jpg

P115-PTN7113 JUKEBOX radio.JPG




CH1596-D035W plastic cased 9-in-1 DPF.JPG

CH1702-VB007 7'' video pu gift box.jpg

CH1901-DF121-01 Digital photo frame.jpg

CH1901-DF190-01 acrylic digital photo frame(front side).jpg

CH2143-15POS plastic cased touch screen desktop POS display(front side).jpg

CH2458 32inch. floor stand LED infrared touch screen kiosk.jpg

CH2477-DPF705 Plastic cased digital photo frame.jpg

CH2495-DPF1161 Plastic cased digital photo frame.jpg

CH2773-S1 BT stereo headset.JPG

CH2773-SX905 BT stereo headset.JPG

CH2773-SX910 BT stereo headset.JPG

CH2773-SX963 BT stereo headset.JPG

CH2773-SX983-983A BT stereo headset.JPG

CH2773-SX985 BT stereo headset.JPG

CH2773-SX991 BT stereo headset.JPG

CH2773-SX992 BT stereo headset.JPG

CH2773-SX993 BT stereo headset.JPG

CH2773-SX998 BT stereo headset.JPG

CH2793-HE18 Bluetooth headset.JPG

CH2811-MS1 bluetooth earphone.jpg

CH3247series bone conduction headphones.JPG

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