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About Us :

YIELD CHANCE ENTERPRISES CO.LTD . was established since early 1992 as a trading co., and now has been a reliable manufacturer & also a supplier of a great variety of gifts/premiums, souvenirs including the international costume dolls, banners/flags, torches, caps, umbrellas, bags, purses/wallets, all kind of stationery, glasses/mugs, clocks, watches, cameras, gloves, hotel & travel items, electrical fixtures/fittings/appliances, brewery related products & cigarette related products etc. as well as underwears, T-shirts, babies wears/shoes, hosiery, and kitchen products (mitts, aprons, pot-mats).

For the trading sector, we have been supplying a wide comprehensive range of those products to customers mostly in the EU, Japanese, American and S.E. Asian markets so successfully that the demands are promising on account of our contemporary quality products, competitive prices, punctual delivery and excellent service.

For the manufacturing sectors, we have our own factories in China manufacturing -

1.        all metal products including keychains, desk top stationery & decors, pins, badges, clips etc.

2.        plastic torches, cardlights, cliplights, keylights, etc. with incandescent or LED bulbs

3.        garments - underwears, T-shirts, babies wears, bootees/shoes, scarfs, towels, kitchen cloths & hosiery 

All sectors are with in-house tooling facilities & development plants to meet our customers OEM designs & needs, therefore custom designs are always welcome.

We carry out quality control & random checks during mass production & also provide sales-after-service to our customers to ensure the goods supplied opening to their entire satisfaction in the long term business.


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